Basic Human Wrongs

by Face The Fax

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11-track full album released by Funtime Records on April 6th, 2013
Recorded and mixed by Dirk Miers at DeStudio, Asse, Belgium.
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, USA.

U.S.A. / Canada: Interpunk
Rest of the world: FaceTheFax bigcartel


released April 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Face The Fax Leuven, Belgium

FACE THE FAX is a punkrock band from Leuven/Antwerp that started out around 2004. Despite singer-songwriters and witty rock bands with an attitude being the big shots in these towns, the band has always been known for energetic, fast and catchy punkrock. Combined with a searing live performance, this has made FACE THE FAX a notorious name in the Belgian punkrock scene. ... more

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Track Name: Waste of space
Do you know when heroes lose their lives
And when they lose control
The villains get their way, until they get killed as well
So why are you the one to decide
Who's who, when we all got an alibi
There are wolves among us, there are suicidal sheep

Kill the rapists and rape the killers
Fight for the victims, victimize the villains

We must pay the man, support his scam
Slaves are like pets, we won't take a stand

You never say what you really want to say
You're brain dead, working for the system
Oh what a waste, a waste of space
Oh God, why can't we communicate?
Oh God, why's your heart filled with hate?

But why is it so hard
To protect our heroes with our lives
Fight for what's right
Is it because deep down we're villains in disguise?

If life was a comic book
I'd write the plot
I'd save everybody
And kill them with a big bang
Why can't we communicate?

Just pay the man, support his scam
Slaves are like pets, they won't take a stand

Just pay the man or get fucked
Support his scam or no luck
Don't speak your mind or wake up
It's all a dream when you're drugged up

You look at the sky
Don't think about why
Everything is so numb inside
Nothing ever feels like it's not a lie
Nothing ever feels right
Track Name: Basic human wrongs
“One day, so far away...”, a thought-provoking lie
To wash our conscience clean from pain and strife happening right now
We'll vote for the ones who'll give us peace of mind
Make sure we have no idea
Our system is based on inequity

But then, when the mirror cracks, reality kicks in
We will remain high and mighty, we'll save the day again
Forget their basic rights and basic human wrongs

Give petty cash to a cause
Just smile and applaud

One man can't make a system change
So why should we even try, no reason why
If there's no solutions, let's keep on polluting until we're done

These human wrongs
Won't get us home
We lost control
We can't stop thinking about our

Own greed is here to stay, a thought-provoking truth
Just sacrifice their lives, as long as we don't have to watch them drown
We'll vote for the ones who'll give us peace of mind
Make sure we have no idea
Our system is based on inequity
Track Name: Sinking ships
You couldn't wait around no more
No fear for the dark or the cold
It's sink or swim

So you said
Your ship was setting sail
Although it's looking frail
Not waiting for another lonely day
You don't give a fuck if there's a storm
Or if you rest under the sea
You look to me, expectantly,
Hoping I'll be wrong this time

Everyone keeps falling down
Sinking ships will hit the ground
You think you're not one of them

Despite trying really hard
This ship will keep falling apart
Still fixing all the leaks
Still searching for a trail of lost dreams

You've sailed through stormy clouds and made it through alive
So now you're back on land, reaching for your knife
You notice nothing's changed, you run back to your ship
You cut the ropes, no need for anchors anymore
Track Name: No retreat
You can't stop us now
You can't slow us down
You can't manipulate our thoughts
About what is right or wrong

You can't stop us now
Your kingdom's falling down
Torn away from the part you play
To find a better way

We need to be the ones who'll change your views

No retreat, there's no deceit
Break your ties and think for yourself about what u want
No retreat, there's no defeat
So everyone in here should just get a grip

You need to feel
What we have always felt
Your ignorance does not bring bliss
It only numbs you down

I just want to be
More than you and me
Your apathy is killing me and you'll see

You made it clear to them and to me
You won't go against the grain
You won't be the one to blame

No need to learn a lesson I just need one true confession
Track Name: Hard to face
It's getting hard to know what's really on your mind
When all you do is smile
But I still see your frown
It's getting hard to prove those bitches told you lies
Because we're still getting by now
No one's falling down, but it's been a while

Since I've tried to make you smile
I've never been the type to give a crap
Or make you see it's not too bad
I've tried to crack your lies
So you know,
It's not working out like you thought it would

Harder to face you're not alone
I'm not the way I used to be
I'll fake it but I do agree, I'm like you
I detest and I revolt
But I'm still getting colder
I'm not getting closer at all

I need to break it down for you
You need to fake it to be free and I know
You want no help
Not shedding your facade and I know lies
Will get me down when you smell blood
I'm breaking down

It's not working out like you thought it would
You're taking what you want, still you want it good It's not working out like in Hollywood
Track Name: People unchanging
We've seen it all before
It's getting harder to ignore
Big fences surround your yard
Do you still play from the heart?

We're pacifistic anarchists
We preach to the choir: “It won't end like this”

You just forgot about all you've learned
When cash became concern

It's not like we're giving up the fight
We're left wing
Although we're not bright
You know we're fucking right

So now we'll change your views and change your sympathies
But once the show is done you're full of apathy
About who you are and what you'll be
You only flee to what you thinks your destiny

It's not like we're giving up the fight
We'll never give up on this fight

You know this tale is not about them or me
It's not about us
You just don't care about being true
You care about feeling the buzz

So now it's clear that we're not changing your beliefs
You hear the screams, but not the reason of our rage
Who you are and what you'll be
Still hoping you will finally be free

I see people unchanging
They're breaking and taking
It all gets wasted by failing and faking

It's not so hard
To reboot and restart
Just think about your part
Be on your guard
Track Name: Camouflage
We're taking the train to extinction
So can't you see that we are going down
Sowing poison became our way of living life
It feels like fact became fiction

Unseemly, we stand together
We occupy the streets to feed you thoughts
Unseemly, we'll fall together
When the minority becomes the majority
The antidote becomes the poison

You know we’re all prepared to shoot one of our own
When a big shot gets exposed in the spotlights
But my heart did not take part
Because we’re the ones stealing, wrapped in camouflage

We want to be part the 99 percent
For a better way, looking for a better reason
But we’re the 1 percent
We want empowerment, but we're establishment
We're wannabes

Protesting this injustice
Still we can't see that we're just
Sugarcoating our own guilt
Poison remains our way of living life
It seems like cash blurs your vision

It starts with you
Track Name: Bullshit in a bad disguise
Another lie
You're hiding
You know I’ll call it out

Do it, use it, lose it, abuse it
But I'm still staying true today
I guess I'm not breaking down for you
Did you ever think?

Another lie that you tried to hide
Bullshit in a bad disguise
I'll always call it out

No matter the cost
No matter the price
We'll come by your house

This is reality taking its toll on all of us
Knowing it's a drag
Knowing willingly we're in a train wreck
We're in a wreck
Track Name: You win (we're all dead)
You swear the same thing it's all about the gain
What a shame
You'll never gamble with your own pain
That just isn't your game
You got a mild taste, you're so tame
You used to sell crack in the neighborhood
That was before you forgot your roots
Now you sell lies in a business suit
Now you blow lives while saying “It's all good!”

I couldn't believe my eyes when you rolled those dice
But you ran out of luck
You thought that you were fixing up our lives
You took one chance too much

What have you done
To prove you are the one
Who'll fly out closest to the sun
You win, we're all dead

Power is turning you on and off
But electricity is not what you want
You feed on death, you used to burn down ants
But now you sacrifice pawns
So you're a hypocrite
And you're breath smells like shit
You need to go, you'll feel the flow
Go away from our world

You never think twice
You burn us alive
Self-righteous minds keep swinging by
Track Name: Thinking is work
We're all fighting our barricades
We fight a cage of our own make
We don't know where from and don't know why
But to break out is why we fight

Fight for our lives
I was sure my friends told lies
I just talked trash
While they tried to help me back
Out of my routine of projecting hate
That vicious way of getting further from home

I dont believe but I'll just humour you for now
You should already know that there's just no getting around
The same mistakes I made before
Thinking is work, I'm going berserk
The truth’s unheard

You haven't come to help us out
You made the keys that locked us in
Betrayed our trust, portrait of hate
But to break out you've got to fight

Because we see the locks
That we have built so we won't trust
We're finding out, barricades are like a road block
We're lost we're so fucked, stop blaming punk rock
Fight to get out, vanquish our doubt

Do you know what time it is?
It's time to start giving a shit

I can't act like me no more
This way of blocking out my thoughts
I'm sure I won't be seeing rain
But it makes my brain go down the drain
Track Name: End of story
Babylon's surely too small
For your need to come undone
Display of perfection in disgrace

Surely this is your last call
Advertising your downfall
It's time to show your face

Dance your last dance
Cheap talk, once more
You've blown your chance
Get out the door

Are you so contradictory
Just because you can't relate?
You're self-destructing, the digits running fast
You've flunked every test

And by the way I'm still okay
In the company of smokes and an ashtray
Burned the ink spilled on the stabs in my back
Still resorting on the principles you seem to lack

End of story
This is the last line you get out of me